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US cars certificate

Certification of used cars imported individually outside of the EU for the purpose of Hungarian registration and entry into service.

Hungarian registration and entry into service.

The procedure is identical with the one applied in other countries of the EU, like in Germany, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria. Our Company issues a certification and a test report, which are accepted by the Hungarian National Traffic Authority as basis documents for the purpose of the individual registration.

The condition of the successful procedure is that the vehicle type should be recorded in our database, that contains mostly data of US version cars of different makes. We check this by the VIN of the actual vehicle.

When the vehicle type is included in our database, the next step is the examination of the vehicle, which means the checking and recording some of its essential data. It is achieved at our Company’s site.

The procedure is as simple as such in the case when the vehicle meets the necessary requirements. When certain modifications are required, we have to check them after they had been completed. In most cases the lamps should be changed to the ones meeting the European standards.

Following the examination we prepare the certification and the test report for the approval Authority.

In case you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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