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Special vehicles, machinery

Certification and safety examination of special vehicles, lifting machines and stackers

Our company's and its predecessors’ traditional vehicle profile was supplemented in 1970 with the right to examine labour safety for special vehicles and their accessories. This field of activity is dealt with by the Laboratory for Vehicle Technology and Safety.

The following machine types constitute the professional profile

Lifting machines (cranes and lifters)

  • automobile and mobile cranes
  • loading equipments which are assembled to the vehicle
  • mobile working frames, lifters

Lift trucks driven by machines:

  • with combustion and gas engine
  • with electric drive


  • Intermittently working mobile stackers


  • trencher, digger, front-end shovel loader, dozer etc.

Service- and garage lifters:

  • one- and poly-pillar lifters
  • engine- and main-part lifters, manual- and power-autojacks

Other special machines:

  • road-repairer and road-maker machines
  • vehicles with communal body
  • mobile machines which are beyond the competence of the transport authority
  • (for example: vehicles of airports, mobile machines of mines).

In addition to the aforementioned tests, TÜV Rheinland-KTI Kft. is accredited for product certification and has an EU designation for certain dangerous machines in the machinery directive. The special area of competences is the Ministry of Inner Affairs' designation for fire-fighting vehicles according to the MSZ EN 1846 standard series. Designations and accreditation for product testing provide the possibility of using the test results directly during product testing. The whole process of safety examination and its evaluation is carried out according to the 1993 XCIII act, the 6/1990 KöHÉM decree and machinery directive (at present the 16/2008 NFGM decree) together with the standards applicable to the given machine types.

Further information: Tibor Meleghegyi Ph.D. (, tel: +36 30 952 2909)

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