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Brake pad test bench with flywheel

We designed and built the flywheel test bench for testing brake pads and callipers of passenger cars, vans and trailers. The equipment performs the series of measurements according to the specifications of the regulation by a computer program control.


Vehicle-inspection measuring programs

To check the technical requirements of vehicles, we use measuring software developed by our own colleagues in an NI LabView environment that can perform braking, steering, stability, roller dynamometer, fuel consumption and other measurement tasks.
We have also made our system suitable for reading on-board CAN communication of vehicles, so we can register other parameters of the vehicle during our tests.

Some examples

Brake tests:

- Measuring velocity, braking distance, deceleration and CAN signals

- automatic calculation of MFDD


Steering tests:

- measuring steering torque, turning angle of the steering wheel, velocity and CAN signals


Measuring consumption:

- measuring consumption of buses according to different test cycles (urban, suburban, long distance, UITP SORT)


Trailer EBS CAN test device

Our company, in cooperation with Inventure LTD, is developing a test equipment for checking the functions related to the electronic CAN (ISO 11992) brake control between the towing vehicle and the trailer.
The equipment is suitable for both type testing and periodic inspection measurements independently of type, using standard communication.



Qualifying device for air-brake valve

The aim of the development is to create an electronically controlled test bench for automatic final inspection of the refurbished air brake valves in cooperation with LÉDEM 2000 KFT, for which we prepared special measuring programs. The purpose of the equipment is to detect human errors and to increase the quality and efficiency of documented final acceptance.


Further information: Ferenc Finszter ( tel: +36 30 921 5184 )
TÜV Rheinland-KTI Kft.